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Check that your transporter is legal
There are many horse transporters out there some legal and some not so legal.
So how do you tell which is the legal one?

DAFM Licence

(dept of agriculture food and marine)

This is a licence obtained by DAFM. There are 2 types of Licence-TYPE 1 and a TYPE 2 authorisation.  A TYPE 1 licence is a certificate only allows horses to be travelled up to 8 hours. A TYPE 2 Licence is for over 8 hours. The transporter has to carry the certificate on board the lorry.  You can ask to see the certificate of DAFM authorisation when the lorry arrives to collect your horse or at any time. 

OPerators licence

This is a legal requirement for ANY official transporters. Discs usually displayed next to the road tax licence in the windscreen along with Road tax, CVRT Disc and Insurance Disc. The discs have the operator’s licence number, expiry date, registration number of the lorry and the transporters company name.  Any vehicle over 3.5 tons gross plated weight used to transport horses for payment must have this license. Those offering horse transport without an operator’s license are doing so illegally

Hire and reward insurance

Any Transport that is operating as a commercial transporter is required to have Hire and reward insurance. You can also ask to see proof the insurance documents

employers liability insurance

Is standard for all company employees.

public liability insurance

Any transporter should have this insurance to ensure that in the event of your horse causing third party damage whilst in the care of the transporter, that the horse owner is not held liable.

care, custody and control insurance

This is not a legal requirement; however, it’s strongly recommended that your transporter should have this in place in the event of negligence causing death to the horse. For accidental injury to your horse you are still required to have your horse insured whilst in transit should something go wrong.

certificate of competence 

(for drivers and attendants)

All transporters (drivers and attendants) will be tested for competence and understanding of the rules to transport horses. The Driver will have Certificate of Competence, which must be carried by the driver at all times. Check that your driver has this, again it is legal requirement.


Your horse must have a passport to travel even the shortest distance . If you transport your horse yourself you still need to carry your horses passport. IT IS THE LAW.  Any legal transporter will need the passport of your horse before they will travel.

health certificates export of horses - to the eu

A legal transporter will carry certificates for each horse that they transport to the EU.  
The EU Cert are required by law for your horse, it should show: Name and address and DAFM licence number of the transporter Estimated journey duration with journey duration for your horse Date of transport, Names and addresses of owners Addresses of pick up and drop off Reason for transport, i.e. going to vets, moving yard, changing owners, show. Sales etc Is the horse fit to travel (local vet inspection) Name and age of horse/pony, passport number. Date, time location of Dept vet inspection Local vet health cert to be included and surrender to DAFM vet at the country exit point An export health certificate is not necessary for exports of identified equidae to the United Kingdom , but the animals must be accompanied by their passports. The furnishing of incorrect information to the Department may involve refusal by the Department of further certificates to the exporter concerned.

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